This is a site about Genealogy; primarily Scottish genealogy.  Feel free to join our membership scheme which is only £9.99 a year and this gives to access to our archived transcriptions, genealogy books, photos of graves, how-to guides (such as how to create your own family tree website), and most important of all, a request section.

Scottish genealogy is our speciality, but if you have a world wide request (look up) we can fulfil this for you too.

…getting started in genealogy?

Our How-To guides will take you through the process.  Too many mistakes are made when people are reliant on trees built by other people.  You MUST check the actual records to confirm that you have the correct information.  See our gruides on how to read a birth/marriage/death certificate.

Finally, we have an extensive list of free resources to help you with your research.  See the Web Links section.

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